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Located in Paraíso, São Paulo, the interiors architecture project of the social area of ​​this apartment was conceived as a frame and base for the pieces of art and furniture that came from different periods and places around the world. One example is the Louis XV armchairs that were reupholstered with animal skin, seeking a contemporary and unique look. The sober colors were chosen because at the same time they are strong and present, they end up not interfering in the story we wanted to tell. The 5-meter long coffee table made in metalwork, as well as the bookcase that is right behind it, serves as a support for the collection of objects, as well as providing support for receiving friends. Life enters the room also without interfering with the mix of styles, a Kokedama was the ideal solution to bring green without needing a vase. In the entrance hall, a "cloud" of dry flowers was placed as a focal point, as the client wanted to keep the Rococo sideboard, and this in itself is already a piece with striking features and the adornment would have to complement it, not compete.

Apartment | Paulista

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