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When the two partners of BFSA, an international law firm located on Avenida Faria Lima, São Paulo, approached us, their need was clear: to accommodate a team, a meeting room, a pantry, and a executive office within a 40m² space, while blending both their styles.

With this in mind, we began by focusing on flows. The idea of an island desk emerged, where we could anchor seats and circulate around the space.

The pantry was integrated into the bookshelf we created, designed to be closed or open, ensuring it does not overwhelm the visual environment.

The partners' private office was placed on the balcony, where a single stone table provides comfort for both.

The custom-designed furniture was pivotal in reflecting the partners' personalities. An example of this is the reception's side tables, which depict maps of São Paulo and Paraná, the partners' home states.

Photography: Luiz Franco

BFSA | Faria Lima

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